Anam Cara- s/t
AP2- Suspension of Disbelief
Argyle Park- Misguided
The Awakening- The Fountain (EP)
- Sacrificial Etchings
- Roadside Heretics
- Darker Than Silence
BATZZ in the Belfry- s/t (Demo)
Betrayal- Leaving Nevermore
BridgeShadows- s/t (Demo)
Johnny Cash- My Mother's Hymn Book
Bruce Cockburn- Stealing Fire
The Deadlines- The Death & Life of...
Ebenbild- Morgenlicht
The Echoing Green- The Winter of Our Discontent
Evanescence- Fallen
- Anywhere But Home (CD + DVD)
Eva O- Demons Fall for an Angel's Kiss
- Damnation: Ride the Madness
- Damnation / Salvation
Fearful Symmetry- A Loss of Balance
Matt Frantz- Graphic Verses
Lisa Gerrard & Patrick Cassidy- Immortal Memory
Illuminandi- Illumina Tenebras Meas
Irrsterne- Was trägt
KILLINGTHEOLDMAN- The Violence of Sound
Kohllapse- s/t
Lampshade- Because Trees Can Fly
Andy Lang- Ballads out of the Blue
Level- Denial
Massivivid- BrightBlur
Mad at the World- s/t
Mental Destruction- Straw
Midnight Orchestra- Land of Nod
Van Morrison- Common One
Necromance- White Gothic
Neon Horse- s/t
The November Commandment- A Motorised Mind
Ashton Nyte- Sinister Swing
Parca Pace- s/t
- Raumspannung
Arvo Pärt- Te Deum
Rackets & Drapes- Candyland
Resurrection Eve- Rapture
Sanctum- Lupus in Fabula
- New York City Bluster
- Let's Eat
Saviour Machine- Demo 1990
- Saviour Machine I
- Saviour Machine II
- Legend Part I
- Legend Part II
- Behold a Pale Horse (Single)
- Legend Part III:I
- Rarities / Revelations
Shadow Project- From the Heart
Sons of Liberty- Schatten der Vergangenheit
Spirit and the Bride- s/t
U2- War
Undish- Acta Est Fabula
- Letters from the Earth
- A Gift of Flying
V. A. [Sampler]- Excelsis - A Dark Noël
- The Last Signal
- Moonlight Cathedral
- Music for the Next Millennium - Volume 1
- Oz Mosh 2005
- We the Living - Volume Three
The Violet Burning- Drop-dead
Virgin Black- Sombre Romantic
- Elegant... and Dying
- Requiem - mezzo forte
- Requiem - fortissimo
The Waterboys- Universal Hall
Wedding Party- Anthems